January 2019

Instachk In-Cab Digiboard

In official partnership with Grab, we have installed our digiboards on the headrest of the passenger seat inside GrabCars across the world’s second most-populated area of Jakarta, Indonesia. With the entertainment feature offered in our digiboard, passengers of GrabCars can now enjoy their long-hours ride by watching videos provided by local YouTubers and music from Spotify. 

Instachk In-Cab Digiboard

Monetize Your Wi-Fi Page With Instachk

Offering free access to Wi-Fi for your clients is one thing. But why not give the access for free AND monetize your Wi-Fi at the same time as well? Leverage new revenue opportunity through your Wi-Fi service by partnering up with Instachk. Notable companies in Singapore have started to do so with us. Don’t miss out on profitable opportunities.

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